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STAT has been successfully implemented by service providers across Australia and New Zealand.

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Application to paediatric community health services

Community based therapy services for children, such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy are often faced with high demand and long waiting lists. The consequences of waiting for these services can be significant, as children miss out on important window of opportunity for treatment as their young brains develop and they move through educational milestones such as starting school.

The CSTAT project trialled the STAT model in 5 paediatric community health services in Melbourne. The project was funded by the Department of Health and Community Services, as well as the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) via funding for a Translating Research Into Practice Fellowship held by Principal Investigator Dr Katherine Harding.

View the results of this study were presented at the biannual conference of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand in, Sydney, December 2022: View the CSTAT poster here.

Early findings of the trial were shared in an online forum on July 21st 2022. Katherine Harding begins by presenting the results of the trial, with representatives of four of the participating sites: Megan Madonna from Eastern Health,  Maria Roubos from Access Health and Community, Sally Fyfe from Healthability and Sheila Ferris from EACH.

The recording is split into two parts. Part 1 includes the formal presentations, and Part 2 includes the Q&A that followed, including some commentary from Kylie Hughes, from the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. We are grateful to Kylie Huges, Michelle Clarke and the Victorian Government for their support of this work.

CSTAT Forum PART 1: Presentations



Application of STAT to an outpatient medical clinic

Annie Lewis led the first trial of the STAT model in a medical outpatient clinic. This before and after trial with a time series analysis and process evaluation was set in the epilepsy clinic at Box Hill Hospital. A waitlist of 600 people was virtually eliminated through a structured backlog reduction approach, without increasing the waiting time. We are currently evaluating the sustainability of the intervention two years after STAT was implemented.

A poster presentation describing the backlog reduction process was delivered by Annie at the Epilepsy Society of Australia Annual Conference, and awarded a special commendation by the Education and Scientific Meeting Committees in recognition of an outstanding scientific presentation.

View poster


STAT a finalist in the 2019 La Trobe University Research Translation Awards

In 2019 the STAT project was selected as a finalist in La Trobe University’s Research Translation Awards.  This brief video prepared for this event tells the story of development and implementation of the STAT model from the perspective of lead researcher Katherine Harding, and Stacey Manfield, Manager of Allied Health and Ambulatory Services, North East Health, who implemented the model in Wangaratta, Victoria.