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Nick Taylor, Katherine Harding and Annie Lewis


Dr  Katherine Harding (PhD)

Allied Health Principal Research Fellow

Katherine began her working life as an occupational therapist in acute inpatient and community settings, before completing a PhD in 2013 and shifting focus to pursue a career in health services research.  As well as her role as Research Fellow, she manages the operations of the Allied Health Research Office, and shares responsibility for the provision of research training and support for allied health clinicians and the promotion of research activity. Katherine’s primary research interests are in the areas of triage and access systems for ambulatory services. She holds a Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) fellowship, and is the secretary of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand.



Professor Nicholas Taylor (PhD)

Professor of Allied Health

Nick is a Professor of Allied Health, a joint position between Eastern Health and La Trobe University. He leads the Allied Health Clinical Research Office at Eastern Health. Nick encourages clinicians to take on research projects, present, publish and to translate research to practice. His own research focuses on improving rehabilitation outcomes both in the way services are delivered and in investigating interventions that increase physical activity.


Dr Annie Lewis (PhD)

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Annie has been working with the Allied Health Clinical Research Office at Eastern Health to improve access to ambulatory services since 2016. After joining the team as a project officer on the STAT stepped wedge randomised control trial, she completed a PhD applying STAT to a medical outpatient service. Prior to turning her hand to research, Annie had a long career as an Occupational Therapist with clinical and management experience in acute, sub-acute, community and educational settings.


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